Register for the Care Show Webinar Compulsory Vaccinations for care homes

Register for the Care Show Webinar Compulsory Vaccinations for care homes

The Government is pressing ahead with deeply controversial legislation to mandate the compulsory vaccination of care home workers and place the burden of responsibility on care home employers to ensure other professionals who enter their homes are also vaccinated.

Other countries such as France and Italy are rolling out similar policies to combat coronavirus, but this is new terrain for the United Kingdom.

We are now entering a 16-week grace period, which gives the sector time to prepare though comprehensive guidance has yet to be issued by the Government.

As a primer for employers and employees, to ensure you’re as prepared as possible and making the most of the limited grace period, the Care Show, has brought together a group of experts for an exclusive, in-depth webinar covering all the issues and points to consider.

The expert panel comprised:

  • Heidi Larson, Professor of Anthropology, Risk and Decision Science and the Founding Director of the Vaccine Confidence Project, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
  • Vic Rayner, Chief Executive Officer, National Care Forum
  • James Sage, Partner and co-head of the Health & Social Care Team, Royds Withy Kinglaw firm 

The webinar was chaired by Liam Richardson, Head of Content, CloserStill Media.

Key issues and themes addressed in the webinar include:

  • The timeline set out by the government and critical advice on how you can be fully prepared during the 16-week grace period
  • Guidance on how to overcome vaccine hesitancy with your employees
  • Legal implications and advice on process and steps that will need to be followed, including exemptions
  • Strength of feeling from the industry on this matter and how this correlates with the government’s consultation
  • The potential impact of the legislation on staffing, safety, and finances; including estimates on how many workers will potentially leave the sector in November (the end of the grace period)
  • Public perceptions and polling on mandatory vaccination and how language and tone matters in appealing to employees uncomfortable with vaccination
  • Uncovering why some employees are vaccine hesitant and why this understanding is key

This is a thorny, knotty, and emotive issue that will have huge ramifications for the sector. It is vital for all concerned to understand the implications of this policy and how you and your business will be personally affected.

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