Burden and Impact of COVID-19 in Care Homes


Burden and Impact of COVID-19 in Care Homes

13 Oct 2021
Business Compliance Regulation Theatre
VIVALDI is the largest UK study of infection in care homes, and has provided critical insights to inform the pandemic response. The study highlights the value of research for social care, and why we need more research and better data in care homes. This session will describe how UCL researchers worked with Care Home Providers to set up the VIVALDI study during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will describe what we learnt about COVID-19 infection and immunity in care home staff and residents, and current knowledge on how well vaccination protects staff and residents from infection. We will also discuss how we might build on VIVALDI in the future to create a post-pandemic programme of care home research.
Laura Shallcross, Professor Of Public Health - University College London

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