Care Managers Inner Circle


Care Managers Inner Circle

14 Oct 2021
Keynote Stage

UK Care homes became the horrific 'killing fields' of the COVID conflict. UK Care Managers were thrown into battle with an unseen lethal enemy. Care managers learnt new skills and new levels of emotional and physical resilience. Now as the dust settles and a pathway out of the pandemic is before us a bright new route is available to care homes. In this session Jonathan Cunningham MBE will describe how all care homes can springboard to an incredible new level of CQC compliance. Only in his unique style he will enthusiastically entertain and dynamically deliver his 'top tips' on how your care home can become truly OUTSTANDING.

Be warned this presentation is not for the faint-hearted. This will be a highly interactive, lively but be cautioned may involve the use of a ukulele and interspaced with some terrible singing delivered to the delegates. [Ear plugs optional].

Jonathan Cunningham MBE, Chair And Founder - Care Managers Inner Circle

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