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Social Care Reform - The Health & Social Care Club


Social Care Reform - The Health & Social Care Club

14 Oct 2021
Keynote Stage

The Health & Social Care club airs every Wednesday at 7pm on the Clubhouse App. Join us for something a little different as we go live face to face with an audience. Clubhouse is about engagement, interaction and debate and there is no bigger topic than Social Care Reform. This is your platform to speak on what is needed to sustain and improve our sector and it’s important that government listens to those on the frontline. To help with our debate, we’ve brought together the industry’s top inspirational leaders. This is not one to be missed.

Paul Blane, Managing Director - SVL Care Homes & CBAT
Karen Ritson, Director - Outstanding Care Consultancy
Sam Monaghan, Chief Executive - MHA
Mike Padgham, Managing Director - Saint Cecilia's Care Group
Adam Purnell, Registered Manager - Kepplegate Limited
Jane Brightman, Assistant Director of Programmes - Institute of Health and Social Care Management
Tobi Alli-Usman, Managing Director & Founder - Smooth Digital
Sangha Chakravarty, Founder and Managing Director - InvictIQ
Mark Topps, Host of the Caring View - Essex Cares Limited

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