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Social care data matters! Lessons learnt from DACHA study


Social care data matters! Lessons learnt from DACHA study

14 Oct 2021
Business, Compliance & Regulation Theatre

The first wave of the pandemic demonstrated just how little data both central and local government held about adult social care, including self-funders. The Capacity Tracker became the ‘pandemic data capture tool’. The Government now intends to build on this with a new data strategy for health and care.  

This explains why the findings, from the NIHR funded DACHA study (, are so important; as it seeks to develop, pilot and test a minimum data set for care homes. This session presents early findings from the DACHA study and invites the social care sector to reflect on lessons learnt, so that they can talk knowledgeably about the new data strategy and influence its development both nationally and locally.  Decisions must be co-created with people who have lived experience of social care. Come and learn why social care data matters for benefit of residents, relatives and staff. 

Professor Julienne Meyer CBE, Research and Development Advisor - National Care Forum
Liz Jones, Policy Director - National Care Forum

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