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Digital Social Care Records – Joining Up Care


Digital Social Care Records – Joining Up Care

13 Oct 2021
Technology & People

The Government wants all social care providers to have access to a digital social care record that can interoperate with a local Shared Care Record by 2024. 

These records could play an important role in joining up care across social care and the NHS, freeing up time spent by care workers and managers on administrative tasks whilst equipping them with the information they need to deliver care.

Commissioners and regulators will also gain access to real time data they can use to ensure the provision of high quality care.  

This session will explore their development and implementation – and their potential to transform care

Tommy Henderson - Reay, Digital Transformation Lead - National Care Forum
Sonia Patel, Chief Information Officer - NHSX
Nuno Almeida, CEO - Nourish Care

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