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Improving Care – The Role of Remote Surveillance


Improving Care – The Role of Remote Surveillance

14 Oct 2021
Keynote Stage

Most care providers work hard to offer a caring and safe environment for their clients.

However, the abuse of vulnerable clients by staff members still occurs. There’s been a strong national campaign to promote safety monitoring in care settings, including body cams and CCTV.

But it raises ethical and legal challenges. This session will consider the way forward. Should we introduce more surveillance into the day-to-day working of social care workers? What do the regulators, like the CQC, think of covert surveillance? Or are these issues better tackled through people development and investing in staff training before implementing expensive monitoring systems?



Nadra Ahmed OBE, Executive Chairman - National Care Association
Andrew Geach, Proprietor - Shedfield Lodge
Neil Grant, Partner - Gordons Partnership LLP
Jayne Connery, Director/Founder - Care Campaign for the Vulnerable

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