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Recruitment In Challenging Times


Recruitment In Challenging Times

13 Oct 2021
Keynote Stage

Many social care providers are struggling to recruit sufficient staff.

A quarter of a million people from beyond the UK work in the sector. Some areas of the country are particularly reliant, with 40% of social care staff in London coming from overseas.

But Brexit has curtailed the free movement of labour from Europe. There are estimated shortages of more than 122,000 roles.

The Government is aware of the challenge and the Home Office recently commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee to undertake an independent review of the impact of immigration changes on the adult social care workforce.

The potential to attract new people into the sector domestically is significant.

This session will consider how the social care workforce can be grown and strengthened and drive recovery in the sector. 

Liz Jones, Policy Director - National Care Forum
Brian Bell, Chair - Migration Advisory Committee
Elizabeth Fairchild, People and Performance Director - Hallmark Care Homes
Charles Taylor, Workforce Lead for the Reinventing Social Care programme - Care Association Alliance

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