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Rejuvenating the Home Care Sector


Rejuvenating the Home Care Sector

13 Oct 2021
Home Care Stage

Social care reform has been on the political agenda for a long time but with little progress made.

Home care providers have faced great challenges in recent years with the pandemic and systemic under funding. Tight budgets and low fees have questioned the viability of many home care businesses, and resulted in a low pay, zero hours environment for many staff.

In these difficult conditions, providers are working hard to innovate, develop new models of care and achieve sustainability.

This session will consider how the sector can rejuvenate itself as the Government decides what the long-term funding structure of the sector will be.

Jane Townson, CEO - Homecare Association
Catharine Chalton, Director of Care - Home Instead Senior Care
Rachael Crook, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder - Lifted
Darren Stapelberg, Chief Executive Officer - Grosvenor Health and Social Care

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