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Restoring Excellence In Dementia Care


Restoring Excellence In Dementia Care

14 Oct 2021
Keynote Stage

In recent years, there’s been significant progress in delivering high quality dementia care services.

But the pandemic challenged the advances – with client choice and empowerment taking second place to safety, as the infection rates grew in care settings.

Now, as we learn to live with Coronavirus, providers are exploring how clients with dementia can live more fulfilling lives again.

How can we ensure client safety as each new variant wave rolls in? This session will consider how we can build on our learnings with vaccination, testing, PPE and social distancing without compromising client’s ability to live actively and positively. What are the hallmarks of high-quality care in the ‘new normal’.

Nadra Ahmed OBE, Executive Chairman - National Care Association
Nicki Bones, CEO - Sweettree Home Care Services
Michael Wilkes-Spellman, Dementia and Mental Wellbeing Lead - The ExtraCare Charitable Trust
Paul Edwards, Director of Clinical Services - Dementia UK

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