Accelerating Quality Improvement by Empowering Circles of Care


Accelerating Quality Improvement by Empowering Circles of Care

13 Oct 2021
Technology and People
Founder of Nourish, Nuno Almeida, will be talking about how care providers can work with digital services, using data and analytics to find ways of enhancing better care practice. From assisting with care management to interoperability across health and social care professionals, digital ways of working are continuously evolving and showing us new ways of working. Whether you’re currently working digitally or not, Nuno will cover some key topics and answer some important questions including: * What can data and analytics do for care providers and those they support? * How those receiving support are becoming more empowered to coordinate their own care across all settings. * Sharing is caring: taking a look at how digital data and interoperability across the health and social care sector is enabling better coordination.
Nuno Almeida, CEO - Nourish Care

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