Why tech will support — not replace — people-focused care


Why tech will support — not replace — people-focused care

13 Oct 2021
Technology and People

Beyond the headlines and analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic, what are the practical things care operators need to know? With a new Planday survey showing more people are now looking to leave the sector, what does quality care actually look like beyond 2021? What are the factors that will help you retain the talent you need in your care facility? And — amid all the talk of digital transformation — how can new technologies complement your best asset, your people?

Join Planday’s Director of Customer Success Management, Brett Smith and Gareth Williams, a care facility operator with more than 2,000 staff, to get the results of a recent UK-wide health and social care survey. Plus, you’ll get insights from a leading UK care provider and learn what they wish they knew about digital tools before they implemented them.

Brett Smith, Director of Customer Success Management - Planday
Gareth Williams, Locality Manager - Brandon Trust

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