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5 Steps to a happy and an inclusive workforce


5 Steps to a happy and an inclusive workforce

13 Oct 2021
Technology & People

Inclusion and equality have long been part of the protected characteristics for residents. But are we supporting health and social care staff which provides the second largest diverse workforce in the UK. What are you doing to provide a more inclusive workforce? Where do you start?
In this session you will hear from Dudley Sawyerr and a panel of esteemed industry experts from Home, Residential care and from HR who will share the practical steps you can take to ensure an inclusive and more unified workforce. And how social media and technology can help your environment.

Dudley Sawyerr, Health Care Consultant - People Care Services
Troy Zimbalatti, Managing Director / Registered Manager - T2Z Care Services Ltd
Palvi Dodhia, Director and Founder - Serene Care
Sonia Rai, Founder and Director - Nectar HR
Mark Topps, Host of the Caring View - Essex Cares Limited

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