Help! I am going to be found out!


Help! I am going to be found out!

14 Oct 2021
Dementia Design, Build & Wellness Theatre
Impostor Syndrome is a phenomenon seen in high achieving individuals in which they are constantly plagued by the idea that will be exposed as a fraud. Every mistake, misstep, the experience of not knowing is interpreted as evidence of this fraudulence. 70% of people report that they have experienced Impostor Syndrome in their lifetime. The need to prove oneself can be immense and can reinforce a central component of Impostor Syndrome – overworking -- resulting in burnout, lack of balance, and a constant sense of insecurity. In this session, we will identify the central characteristics of Impostor Syndrome so that you can recognize it
Marc Caulfield, Founder - Marc Caulfield Ltd
Lee Trueman, commercial director - NDG Artificial Intelligence Ltd

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