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Self care for CARE professionals


Self care for CARE professionals

14 Oct 2021
Dementia, Design & Wellness Theatre

Care professionals are amongst the most giving, selfless individuals on the planet. Often putting others before themselves. In a highly demanding, often underestimated and stressful role, care business owners, managers and staff are often left depleted of their vital reserves on a daily basis. 


In this session Anoushka explains why self care should be a priority for those in the caring profession. Anoushka will share top tips for self care and stress management that can be used on-the-go to maintain equilibrium when you need it most. You cannot pour from an empty cup - it’s time to top up, and give yourself the care you so deserve, to support you in delivering outstanding care to others.

Anoushka Farouk, Rapid Transformational Therapist® and Spiritual Well-being coach - Aventurine Therapies

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