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Unfair to Care: The pay gap in the sector


Unfair to Care: The pay gap in the sector

14 Oct 2021
Business, Compliance & Regulation Theatre

“When it’s Unfair To Care, it’s unfair to us all…”

Based on the complexity, responsibility, skill and demands of the role, many support workers would be paid significantly higher – up to 39% or £7000 - if they delivered the same calibre of role in the public sector (42% or £7500 in the NHS).

Exploring Community Integrated Care’s ground-breaking ‘Unfair to Care’ report, this presentation will delve into how and why one of the UK’s biggest social care charities commissioned the research into the unjust pay gap in the sector; how this is impacting colleagues and people supported in the sector; and ultimately how the social care workforce crisis affects us all.

This presentation will also reflect on the support received so far from the public, and how we can continue to champion change within the sector.

Teresa Exelby, Chief People Officer - Community Integrated Care

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