The role of standards in delivering integrated care


The role of standards in delivering integrated care

12 Oct 2022
Technology Theatre

The Plan for Digital Health and Social Care, which consolidates a number of strategies and plans around health and social care use of digital, data and technologies to improve care, was launched by the UK Government at the end of June. The strategy is succinctly captured in the phrase ‘Digitise, Connect, Transform’, and is designed to enable interoperability and better connect health and social care. Standards that support connectivity, such as those developed by PRSB, underpin many of the plan’s ambitions.


If the plan is to be rolled out effectively, the system can hope to take advantages of benefits such as reduced admissions into care, greater emphasis on preventative action and more efficient and streamlined services. But these gains will not materialise without the surmounting of challenges associated with funding, workforce and training, and clarity around where responsibility begins and ends.  

Lorraine Foley, CEO - PRSB
Barbara Gale MBE, Consultant and Clinical Lead for ROSI Project - Barbara Gale Consulting Ltd
Claire Sutton, Digital Transformation Lead - National Care Forum

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