Standex Care 20:20 Digital Care Management Systems

09 Aug 2021

Standex Care 20:20 Digital Care Management Systems

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Standex Care 20:20 Digital Care Management Systems
Standex Care Digital Care Management
Digital Care Management Systems

Electronic Care Planning Systems

Carl Jonas, Sales Manager at Standex Systems Ltd, here presents the Successful and ever expanding Standex Care, the most up-to-date, compliant electronic care planning system on the market.

Having rigorously tested the system with a care home group provider for the past two years, Standex have ensured care plan compliance and useability meaning the Care 20:20 now has been in the market for over 6 years.

Standex have over 1,000 active satisfied customers in the UK. Applying more than 25 years of knowledge and care planning expertise, the Care 20:20 uses brand new technologies and new ways of working for the healthcare environment.

The product was developed in collaboration with nursing and care planning experts with the practical insights and know-how of care home groups. It is a real-time recording cloudbased application with each customer having their own secure environment. Information Security is of paramount importance and is guaranteed by the security and access features within the Care 20:20 system.

One of the primary objectives when designing the Care 20:20 system was to make it easy to use for the care team. Standex Systems offer free demonstrations which will show just how user friendly the finished product is. There is structured access within the system so carers, seniors, nurse, managers and owners can apply access levels as they see fit for each member of staff.

Resident Management – Set up your service users and tailor-make a person centred care plan; view all care records from one screen; audit individual tasks and actions, identify trends and view graphical representations of areas of care.

Carer Dashboard – One screen care team input (no toggling between several screens to input information which can cause errors and confusion); all communications, reports and evidencing care are shown on one screen – this ensures that while the Care 20:20 is the most comprehensive care planning product on the market, it is also the simplest.

Daily Task Allocation – You can assign staff to a shift and to an area of the home or to an individual resident or residents – this ensures that you can manage the individual workloads of your care team efficiently and effectively, working smarter to ensure all care tasks are done and outcomes evidenced.

Operations Dashboard – Owners, Directors and Management can remotely and securely view graphical information regarding the care environment from anywhere in the world. View who is on shift, task allocation, completed and incomplete tasks, alerts for tasks not yet done, providing concise information for handover, and important data whether for one home or a group of homes.

Care Team Management – Set up a care team, add new members of staff, add agency staff for specific periods, then deactivates them; add all personal details, employment status and skills; provide each member of the care team with access levels to the system determining what the can and cannot see or report on.

Care Home Management – the shift manager controls shift timings, allowing smarter and more efficient work, ensuring the care team only see the tasks assigned to them – this prevents confusion over what a care team member needs to do; task settings define the parameters for task alerts and assign family application to residents and general settings for the system.

Report Management – provides a complete audit trail for the care home, showing what has been done, when it has been done and by whom.

Analytic Dashboards – Provides clear and effective views of care homes KPI’s such as Falls, Pressure area and Dependency Analysis etc.

Messaging – Allows management and staff to internal and external communicate information securely and effectively

Policies – Allows care providers to upload policies to the system and attach them to care plans to ensure compliance and visibility of excellent working practice, which is available to view for all staff.

Incident & Accident Reporting – A comprehensive application to ensure all information is capture in the Event of incident and accidents which occur within the care home environment with built in trend anaylsis.

Calendar – Full function to add all events which are happening within the home and to activate actions from this.

Care planning

Standex specialise in care planning systems for nursing, residential, Learning Difficulty, Mental Health, Supported Living, Retirement villages, Children Services and Hospices.

We are the ‘go-to’ provider for up-to-date care planning excellence compliant with Care Quality Commission regulations and those of Local Authorities.


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