AutumnCare 2019

06 Aug 2019

AutumnCare 2019

Using AutumnCare 2019 guides both management and care staff alike in adhering to best practice, ensuring CQC compliance and following internal protocols.

Allowing our expert care solution to save your time spent on administrative duties enables you to spend the maximum time possible on what matters most: your residents.

AutumnCare’s state-of the-art design will ensure your business continuity, able to work offline indefinitely – you will never be left unable to care for your residents or without access to your residents’ data.


  • Secure and readily retrievable resident records in seconds
  • Extensive evaluations as to residents’ individual needs
  • Person-centred care plans
  • Robust generation and archiving of all care notes and charts
  • Assessment of risks
  • Automated alert notifications to guide towards correct procedure
  • Dashboard monitoring of key processes and statuses
  • Extensive reporting and auditing capabilities
  • Internal staff messaging and task assignment
  • Workforce profiles

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