13 Aug 2019


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Independent Tilt in Space 

which means that thangle of the hips, knees and ankles are not affected during this movement. It also reduces the weight on the ischial tuberosities and redistributes the weight through the back.

This constant back angle prevents shearing to the back and bottom.

This feature can also help when moving someone in a hoist and can support better pelvic positioning by optimising the use of gravity to position the user in the optimal positi

Independent backrest recline

The backrest can be independently reclined providing a range of back angles allowing for optimal position for comfort. The angle range is 108 – 165 degrees.

The range of positions that this allows, coupled with the Independent leg rest adjustment can include the Trendelenburg position.

Independent leg rest adjustment

The leg rest on the Boston has been designed slightly longer to support good positioning of the legs. It also has a gentle profile shape to support the legs from slipping from the leg rest and reduces the risks associated with individuals crossing their legs.

The leg rest angle can be changed independently and can move 90°degrees from the standard seating position.

Choice of Interchangeable and adjustable back cushions

The Boston comes with a choice of 8 removable and adjustable back cushions so that they can be interchanged offering a range of pressure management and postural solutions. It enables changes to be made as a user’s condition alters or to adapt the chair for different user’s. This gives longevity to the chair. Details of the options and their use can be found under back cushion options.

All back cushions can be repositioned on the frame to accommodate different sitting positions. The fibre filled cushions can also be adjusted through the addition / removal of padding.

All back cushions come with removable covers for cleaning and to allow for the purchase of new ones.

Choice of Interchangeable seat cushions

The Boston comes with a choice of 6 removable seat cushions so that they can be interchanged offering a range of pressure management solutions. Details of the options can be found in the Seat Cushion Section.

All seat cushions come with removable for cleaning and to allow for the purchase of new ones.

Seat depth adjustment (Optional adjuster pads)

The Boston has the option of a choice of two sets of detachable adjuster pads, 25mm (1”) or 50mm (2”). They  simply fit behind the back cushions using the velcro strips.

Height and angle adjustable footplate (Optional)

A height and angle adjustable footplate provides a range of support positions. The footplate can also be removed or flipped up to allow uninterrupted access with a hoist.

Angle adjustment

The footplate has four positions to accommodate for fixed flexion and to maintain the foot position for users with drop foot. It can be folded up against the leg rest if required. it is easy to change the position by simply using the pull strap on the right-hand side of the base of the footplate to engage the locking pin.

Height adjustment

Easily adjusted using the locking pin at the back of the footplate the seat height to footplate range is 17” to 23” (432mm to 584mm)

Wedge adjustment blockers (Optional)

Wedge adjustment blockers are available with all of our back cushions. The blockers fit behind the cushions allowing the carer to change the level of support and adapt the back for a user’s changing needs. Available in two sizes 2”and 3” depth.

Padded seat chaise cover

The Boston benefits from a single, full cover over the whole of the seat. This chaise, which is attached to the seat cushion, removes any pinch points and provides deep comfort to all parts of the body in contact with the chair. The seat and chaise is removable.

Padded detachable footrest pad (Optional)

The footrest pad can be simply secured to the footrest providing the user with a softer and deeper cushion support. Available in three sizes – 2”, 3” and 4”.

Ease of movement - Push handle and Wing handles

The Boston is designed to be extremely easy to push and manoeuvre. This porter chair can be easily positioned and repositioned to ensure a user can be placed exactly in the right position 


Four heavy duty lockable castors



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