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Dance to Health Hall: 3 Stand: H22
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Dance to Health Dance to Health Dance to Health

“D2H is transformational: a Falls Prevention ‘Best Buy’. It should be part of every Falls Prevention Service in England” – Professor Kevin Fenton CBE, Regional Director, OHID(London) 

“D2H is precisely the approach our future health system needs.” – A joint message from NHS Horizons’ Director (Kathryn Perera) and Strategic Advisor (Helen Bevan)

“[D2H] could change our whole approach to giving our elderly population greater resilience.” Dr Michael Dixon, Co-Chair of the National Social Prescribing Network.


“My consultant is impressed with my progress”

“Been able to open jars more easily since”

“I normally wear tights and struggle to pull them up. Since I’ve been coming, I can pull them up, amazing!”

“I’m happy coming every week, it has improved my confidence, meeting new people, socialising. My walking has improved”

"My legs are stronger.  I went to a family christening at the weekend; my relatives couldn’t believe the difference in me.  My entire posture has changed”

“At one time I couldn’t even lift a cup of tea with my right arm. Now I can lift the teapot to pour the tea out"

“I walk more upright than I used to; I don’t walk looking at ground anymore. I’ve got more confidence to walk on the road”

"I have more balance, am no longer scared to cross the road, my joints are less painful, I'm more mobile"

"When I leave here I feel elated – it sort of uplifts you. Gives you a lovely feeling. I can come in depressed and go out feeling on top of the world"

Sheffield Hallam University: “Participants have flourished as they have progressed and their enthusiasm in taking part was palpable. D2H has not only provided an opportunity for older adults to reduce their risk of falls but it has improved confidence, self-efficacy and mental wellbeing. The lasting memory from the observations was the sheer joy of participants and their connection to the dance and music which is some cases was extremely moving.”


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