Intruder Solutions

Intruder Solutions

Presence detection

Someone tries to break into your premises or gets in outside opening hours? Thanks to PIR detectors, perimeter detectors, doors detectors, windows detectors or video detection, detect and beat back burglars or thieves.

Dual network

To guarantee a constantly functional system, we set a dual network with a landline, IP and GPRS. Then if one network falls down the second takes over. Your intruder alarm system is always effective.

Alarm verification

If your system detects an anomalous presence, it allows interaction with your premises to confirm or disprove an intrusion thanks to microphones and cameras. You save time and money by avoiding false alarms inconveniences.


Our system can integrate with biometric readers to set your alarm in/ out with fingerprints. To strengthen your security level, it can also integrate with our Optima security range.

Our 24/ 7 emergency and service centre reacts immediately in case of intrusion detection. In less than 3 minutes we contact police forces and with audio interpellation, we deter intruders.


Get real-time information on anomalous events on your smartphone even when you are far for your premises.

Enhances security procedures

Get notifications if an employee is on-site despite restrictions. Effectively protects the interior and exterior areas against break-in, theft and vandalism.


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