20 Aug 2019


IQ:timecard is an electronic call monitoring system that effortlessly oversees your remote care workforce in real-time, triggering instant alerts if an employee is late or misses an appointment. Thanks to the two-way dialogue features, communication between carers and office staff is easy. The need for paper-based systems and manual process is eliminated, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Features include:

Automated clocking in and out - using a freephone landline or mobile app.

Real time alerting - be notified instantly if a visit is missed, a carer is late or fails to clock out, or essential medication is not administered. Send instant messages about last minute appointment changes or bulk message your carers with important notifications.

Lone worker safety - use IQ:timecard's real-time alerting system to monitor carer safety and provide reassurance to your team.

Activity planning - set tasks and medications for your carers, including updating in bulk, and use IQ:timecard's failsafe mechanisms to ensure correct medication administration.

eMAR and digital care planning - record medication details using IQ:timecard's eMAR functionality, and push the latest care plans directly to your carers via our mobile app.

Mileage tracking - automatically calculate mileage reports for each of your carers, speeding up payroll.

Compliance reporting - produce National Living Wage reports and evidence of service delivery, as well as a range of workforce monitoring reports, including annual leave and average hours worked.

IQ:timecard and IQ:careplanner, Unique IQ's twin software products, work together seamlessly to provide a full care and workforce management system for home care agencies.


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