Optima Biometric Access Control

14 Aug 2019

Optima Biometric Access Control

Easy identification

Optima ID works using biometric and/ or MIFARE DESFire RFID technology. Your users can identify with fingerprints, cards or both.

Fast, simple enrolment

With a 500dpi sensor, Optima ID provides high image quality for fingerprint acquisition. Your users are enrolled and identified quickly.

Informative display

Optima ID displays feedback to guide your users during enrolment or identification. It also displays door status, sector identification, time and company name.

Reliable technology

With fingerprints, your users are identified in less than one second, even with poor quality prints.

Secure and discrete protection

Data encryption & security

Optima ID uses the most powerful algorithm on the market. Fingerprint data is encrypted and cannot be used outside the system.

Anti-vandalism protection

To maintain security of your access control system, the reader activates shutoff mode, alert or alarm if the reader is ripped from the wall.


The off feature allows the reader to be rendered discrete. No lights or information will be shown. It's very useful for external readers.

Unfalsifiable evidence

Biometric readers provide you with absolute proof of who accessed an area, and when. Cards, keys, pin codes and fobs can be lost, forgotten, borrowed or stolen - only biometric data gives you irrefutable evidence.

Recognised safety standards

Certified/ made in the EU

CE, ISO 17974-4:2011, FBI PIV IQS certified and manufactured in the EU.


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