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31 Aug 2023

Pairly Pro

Pairly Hall: 3 Stand: J72
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What is Pairly Pro?

For your potential customers Pairly Pro offers all of the information they need to confidently request care from you. They can calculate how much care they need and see when you have availability in their area. It's easy, quick, and reassuring, answering any questions they have.

For you, Pairly Pro ensures you get a clearly laid out enquiry, with all the pertinent information, and for capacity you know you have.

How does PairlyPro work?

A line of code, which will integrate the Pairly Pro service, is added to your website. For your website's users they will see a widget that they can interact with, like a chat box Pairly Pro allows customers to engage with your live availability, giving them a more meaningful and satisfying outcome.

  • Entirely customisable; Pairly Pro can be styled in line with the rest of your website, giving it a seamless appearance.
  • Adjust the functionality so it works how you want it to.
  • Connected to to automatically show potential customers where and when you have availability.

What's in it for you?

  • Receive complete enquiries from informed customers, streamlining the enquiry process.
  • Expand the functionality of your website.
  • Onboard new customers to fill your existing capacity.
  • Improved engagement as those seeking care are given professional, tailored advice.
  • Real-time data about availability will increase conversion rates.
  • Improve the quality of your care leads.

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