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Syncurio - Residents Module - Providing Complete Resident Management for Enhanced Care and Financial Accuracy.

Syncurio Hall: 3 Stand: C12

Residents - Providing Complete Resident  Management for Enhanced  Care and Financial Accuracy.

Syncurio’s Residents module refines and enhances your care home’s approach to resident management. Our Residents module brings together a range of features, from detailed resident profiles, intricate billing systems, and multiple funding source management to personal allowances tracking, all consolidated in one comprehensive platform. 

Key Features

  • Residents Tracking
    • Keep tabs on key resident information, next of kin, and professional contact details.
    • Manage and provide statements for resident monies straight from their records.
  • Occupancy Tracking
    • Stay informed about your home's capacity to ensure maximum occupancy.
  • Contract Bed Management
    • Track occupancy and contract value without impacting invoicing.
    • Allow contract beds to influence occupancy rates, even when not occupied.
  • Fee Management
    • Track fee changes and multiple funding sources efficiently, reducing bad debt.
  • Scheduled Billing Calendars
    • Ensure accurate billing and never miss an invoice.
    • Enable simple remittance matching through accurate billing schedules.
  • Customisable Templated Invoices
    • Create invoices that reflect the unique character of your home.
  • Comprehensive Reporting
    • Understand your EBITDA position in real-time alongside expected revenue.
    • Get a detailed breakdown of residents by funding source.
    • Gain clarity on who is in your contract beds and when.
  • Customisable Importable Output File
    • Integrate effortlessly with your existing accounts package.
  • Customisable System Settings
    • Configure the system exactly to your needs through manageable settings.



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