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iCareHealth believe every person is entitled to receive safe, high quality social care services, delivered in compassionate and considerate ways. We recognise that services provided by the social care sector are irreplaceable. Our software solutions are designed to improve the lives of people that provide and require social care services

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Imprint Plus is the only manufacturer of the re-usable name badge system. We supply over 36,000 customers worldwide with professional domed badges that are quickly and easily printed on site using just a PC and standard office printer. Some of our many customers include: Hudson Healthcare, Cinnamon Care Capital, and Brookvale Healthcare. With our system you can save money and always have proper badges for your staff.

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At Innova, we're friendly, dynamic, honest, passionate, and of course, innovative. We pride ourselves on our positive approach to problem-solving, and our ability to always bring a new idea to the table. We don't shy away from a challenge because we know that we can find the perfect solution. Whether it's a new hospice fit out, a care home refurbishment, or a full hospital ward, we can provide the care solutions needed so that our end-users have the best quality of life available to them. Our products combine aesthetics and functionality to create simple, unobtrusive equipment. We take care in our equipment, so it can take care of them.

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Intercall supplies industry leading nursecall technology into care environments, our system is designed to assist both users and management. Our commitment to innovation through continuous research, development and improvement has made Intercall the best selling care system in the UK. Come and see the Care Card in action proving good care is happening.