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Stand No: D22

Active Minds are the UK's leading designer of activity products for people living with dementia. All products are the result of extensive research alongside professional care teams and people with dementia. To date Active Minds have helped over 100,000 people with dementia continue to lead fulfilling lives.

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Stand No: E108

Attach A Tag offer a very simple, discreet & reliable way of labelling clothing. Our tags take seconds to apply and will not fade or fall off during repeated industrial washes.

Fast delivery and unbeatable customer service.

“Simple to use system that stops our residents clothing going astray”    LRH Homes

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Stand No: K6

We are the exclusive master distributor of a special type of cane, walking stick and crutch holder called 'Dropmenot' that can be used in public health buildings, private corporation buildings and also in the home amongst a huge array of applications.  

Dropmenot is a very cost effective way of preventing falls from dropped canes, walking-sticks and crutches.  Dropmenot is well-designed, high-quality, manufactured in the UK and is very durable; not to mention offers protection against 'on-contact' bacteria and will wear well a busy environment for healthcare settings such as hospitals, GP practices, care homes and clinics. 

We are delighted to be present at this years Care & Dementia show, and look forward to speaking with prospective clients; not to mention to be able to demonstrate Dropmenot.

We look forward to seeing you at the show.
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Stand No: C20

Developed by a care home, Care Control puts unparalleled Care Home monitoring and management at your fingertips.  The comprehensive but easy-to-use App enables care staff to record personalised care, improve quality and meet the CQC's demands for robust evidence.  In an inspection, the CQC stated "the system promoted people's health and wellbeing”. 

As a manager, Care Control gives you a real-time view of your home's status, it will send you alerts of untoward events, and allows you complete organisation over rotas, staff training, menus and more.  Users of Care Control commend the ease of use, nurses find significant time savings, and managers praise the comprehensive care planning and risk assessments that are built in.  

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Stand No: D54

Care Dryers provide innovative and effective methods of drying the body after showering or washing for  the healthcare industry. Using a Care Dryer creates a warm and relaxing environment that gives independence and dignity to the user and relieves the workload for the carer. 

This inclusive product is a proven tool to dry clients in retirement homes, nursing homes, hospitals and in adapted private homes.  

The dryer can be placed vertically on the wall in a communal or en-suite bathroom or hung horizontally over a washing station for clients that need carer assistance with their daily washing, drying and dressing routine.

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Stand No: H18

Creating Conversations Limited is a social enterprise launched by the charity Artlink Central to market specialist creative products for the care and dementia sectors. With over 25 years experience of delivering participatory arts activity for Older People and those with a diagnosis of dementia, our products are informed by the vast practical experience of our staff and the direct input of our clients.

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Stand No: A15
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Stand No: C30

NEW TO THE MARKET!  GIPskins - We have been working on our PPE product for the last 3 years and will be launching this innovation at the Care & Dementia show Birmingham 2016.  We have found a solution to a common (already identified) "risk" within the industry. 

Charise Mullings inventor of GIP Skins has a professional background in Care & Dementia having worked as a Community & Dementia Carer as well as an Activities Dementia Co-ordinator and Bereavement Counsellor.  It is through her 7 years of experience within the sector that Charise became concerned about the problem.  Charise then set about finding a solution.

We have 3 main aims
1.To provide a solution to the ongoing problem identified in the research carried out by the Research Advisory Group in conjunction with Skills for Care, NHS, CQC, IPC, HSE and UNISON 2. To reduce the risk of work related injury & prevent or reduce infections (such as MRSA ) acquired from skin to skin, cross contamination 3. To reduce work related injury claims against Service Providers & 4. To take dementia into considerate through product design.

Please Note:  The website will not be activated until the Care & Dementia Show Launch

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Stand No: C25

Jiraffe specialises in sourcing and providing postural care equipment and support for everybody, whether they're at home, school, rest or play!

Part of the Jenx Ltd family, and with over 30 years' experience of working with children and adults with special postural needs, our team are dedicated to bringing you the latest, most innovative and highest quality specialist products out there.

The Jiraffe range covers all aspects of everyday life from seating and standing, to mobility and sleeping and therapy and bathroom equipment and we're adding new products regularly too!

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Stand No: J64

Little Islands create environments that enrich the lives of people living with dementia by encouraging increased levels of communication and activity, so providing fun, fulfillment, happiness and fewer feelings of isolation. Featuring at the show are the unique 'LifeWall' and NEW 'LifeBytes'.

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Stand No: G22

MED e-care is a global software-solution provider within long-term and chronic care sectors for nursing homes, hospitals and retirement communities. We provide a full platform with an integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, in French and English, for complete management of the Resident Care Lifecycle. From single-home independents to large chains, our healthcare software links an organization's clinical, medication, financial and business processes to manage and use information for progressive improvements. Increased operational effectiveness, funding opportunities, staff productivity, quality of resident care, and reduced risk to business are accomplished with MED e-care's software. MED e-care's key objective is to provide the best in advanced and innovative EHR technology to facilitate service delivery excellence for our clients. Quality Resident Care is fundamental to our business and our software. The MED e-care system integrates and streamlines workflows, providing the right information at the right time to improve care-delivery decisions. Data collection, documentation and reporting – all accomplished with ease and ensuring maximum resident-care time and minimized computer time, with the focus on an organization's collaborative effort to provide the highest standard of care.

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Stand No: H102

NAPA is an umbrella organisation that connects, signposts, encourages and motivates anyone with an interest in lifestyle, well –being, life, love and laughter in the care sector.

NAPA was founded in 1997 by a small group of like-minded people who wanted to improve quality of life, through person-centred activities, for older people.It was registered as both a charity and limited company. Over time these volunteers established a membership base of around 400 activity organisers . In 2004 grants from the Big Lottery Fund and Department of Health supported the establishment of some permanent staff posts. By 2016 NAPA was self -funding and the membership stood at more than 2,500. NAPA is now seen as the ‘Thought Leader' in this specialist field of care and many organisations seek advice and guidance

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Stand No: C40

Manufactured and distributed by Performance Health Systems, Power Plate® is the global leader in whole body vibration. Power Plate's sedentary ageing solution features the compact and portable model, the Personal Power Plate®.  The comfortable vibrations deliver lower body muscle stimulation, improvements in circulation and a reduction in swelling and pain. 

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Stand No: K43

Person Centred Software is the leading provider of innovative mobile solutions for evidencing care interactions, electronic care planning and reporting, called Mobile Care Monitoring.

We give tangible benefits to everyone involved in care, and the tools for care homes to share information with families via our Relatives Gateway.

Mobile Care Monitoring enables over 450 care homes to evidence care as it happens with our easy-to-use app, creating more than 550,000 care notes every day. By reducing paperwork and giving carers more time to care, we help to improve care quality and the overall care cycle. Our system supports CQC inspections, helping providers to be recognised for innovative, transparent and person-centred care.

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Stand No: D62

Remembories Products and services are designed to support those living a dementia Journey, either as the individual living with the condition, their loved ones or their care provider. Our products can be complimented with accredited training and carer guides.  
We provide person-centred holistic reminiscence therapy packages to support carers,  families and their loved ones.

Products include, Individual Person-centred Reminiscence Therapy packs, Era Specific group packs and experience packages, all presented in retro style faux leather suitcase boxes. The products trigger the 5 senses allowing for positive reminiscence and interaction. 

In an ever demanding sector in regards to budgets and available resource, Remembories offer a wide range of products, social activities, entertainment and training that are cost and time effective. 

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Stand No: M10

With more than 40 years experience in acute and community healthcare, Reval offers a new and unrivalled range of Assisted Bathing, Showering, Transfer Equipment and Hydro Rehab pools.

Our friendly professional service makes us an unbeatable partner in patient care, facilities and project planning.

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Stand No: A66

Standex have been developing, designing and implementing care plan systems for nursing homes, residential homes and hospitals for the past 20 years. The systems are designed to meet the ever-changing requirements of The CQC and The NMC. Our product is the most comprehensive and cost effective system on the market.

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Stand No: M26

Marbrex is a stylish and versatile panel system that replicates the look and feel of marble, wood and stone but without the weight and high installation cost of the natural material.

Designed mainly for use in bath and shower room installations, Marbrex is a stunning alternative to paint, wallpaper, tiles and other wall covering systems.

Available in a wide range of widths, colours and patterns, from traditional to the more contemporary, there is a design for almost any room in the care home environment.

Using panel based systems such as Marbrex and its big sister – the metre-wide Roomliner, has many advantages over conventional methods of decorating such as tiles, paint or wallpaper. The large panel format means it is quick to install, it is totally moisture resistant and because there are no grouted joint, it is easy to clean and will not harbour mould and germs.

The Roomliner, wide panel format also means a typical shower enclosure is quick to install and can even be fitted over existing tiled substrates.

Marbrex and Roomliner panels also provide a degree of insulation to the room and so helps reduce condensation.