Jayne Connery

Jayne Connery

Jayne Connery

Director /Founder, Care Campaign for the Vulnerable
Care Campaign for the Vulnerable (CCFTV) was founded by former promotions and airline professional, Jayne Connery, who lives in Buckinghamshire. During her time in the care sector, she saw an urgent need for greater transparency caring for vulnerable residents living with dementia and a decision was made to take her loved one back home when unwitnessed and unexplained injuries happened in her care. Jayne told of her struggle to navigate the care system and how she experienced little support when trying to communicate her mother's care needs. Giving up her job, she decided to become a care partner and set up a dementia support group for families. Through sheer hard work and commitment, Care Campaign for the Vulnerable (CCFTV) is now a national, not for profit, safety in dementia elderly care organisation working with the sector to champion and promote the use of safety monitoring in communal areas within all UK care homes, particularly communities caring for elderly living with dementia.

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