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Michael Iwama

Michael Iwama

Michael Iwama

Dean and Professor, MGH Institute of Health Professions
Dr. Michael Iwama - is Professor and DEAN of the School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences at the MGH Institute of health Professions in Boston. Previously he served as tenured Professor & Chair of the Department of Occupational Therapy at Augusta University (formerly the Medical College of Georgia). He is also Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at University of Toronto, and holds similar adjunct professorial appointments at 6 universities in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and Asia. This past winter, he was conferred an Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters for his lifelong commitment to service. Dr Iwama is author of the “Kawa Model” (‘Kawa’ is Japanese for ‘River’) – the first substantial model of practice in the Rehabilitation Sciences developed: outside the English-speaking world; from clinical practice and through a process of qualitative research. The Kawa model is now taught in over 600 health professional education programs internationally and used in practice across 6 continents. Dr. Iwama has emerged as one of the most important and progressive thinkers in the fields of occupational therapy and rehabilitation sciences, worldwide. Iwama draws on his rich experience of acculturating into Eastern and Western social spheres of experience to drive his profound and critical perspectives on culture and its intersections with theory and practice in the Rehabilitation Sciences. Dr. Iwama is also a passionate and captivating communicator, and regularly sought to lecture to both local and international audiences. Since 'The Kawa Model; Culturally Relevant Occupational Therapy' was published, Iwama has given over 350 invited national and international lectures and over 40 Keynote and Plenary addresses at scientific and professional conferences.

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