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Sharon Aldridge-Bent

Sharon Aldridge-Bent

Sharon Aldridge-Bent

Director of Nursing Programmes (Leadership), The Queen's Nursing Institute
Sharon Aldridge-Bent joined the QNI in 2016 to deliver specific programmes, including nurse leadership programmes. She also leads on Care Home Nursing and wrote the ‘Transition to Care Home Nursing’ resource in 2018. Recently during the Covid-19 pandemic Sharon has led on the development of Rapid Learning Plans for community and primary care nurses. She has a clinical background in district nursing and specialist nursing. For the previous twelve years, she was a Senior Lecturer in a university, teaching Community Health Care Nursing and the Specialist Practitioner Qualification for District Nurses and also nurse education. Sharon has served as a magistrate for the last twenty years and sits at West London Magistrate’s court, where she is a chairperson. n/a

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