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Revealed: 7 Most Common Myths About Dementia!

21/06/2017 Blogs
We all know that the term Dementia is used for a decline in mental ability that affects the daily life. Short term memory loss, communication gap and ability to focus are few common examples of...

Do You Worry Having Dementia? Check Out These 5 Signs!

30/05/2017 Blogs
Dementia, commonly known as Alzheimer’s disease, is a common medical condition for old-aged people. Dementia particularly affects the memory of the victims. However, not all memory problems are...

Thoughts on toilets for older people and people with dementia

30/05/2017 Blogs
Thoughts on toilets for older people and people with dementia Whenever I have to use a public toilet, I am fascinated to see how they are designed. Many years ago, there was a publication called ‘The...

What to do for Someone with Vascular Dementia

06/03/2017 Blogs
Dementia usually occurs in people who are above the age of 80. Patients diagnosed with this disease are expected to have an average lifespan of 4.5 years, during which their condition slowly...

3 Reasons Dementia Is Becoming Common In Young People

27/02/2017 Blogs
The onset of dementia is usually prevalent in people aging 65 years or above. In context for dementia, “younger people” or having young-onset of dementia implies that a person less than 65 years of...
Ricky Pollock

Signage – compensating for design or disability!

06/10/2016 Blogs
Design principles for better signage Good building design should depend as little as possible on the use of signage and instead should be based on such features as open-planning, use of landmarks,...
Pamela Holmes

Helping people with dementia stay living at home

20/09/2016 Blogs
Most people say they would want to live at home for as long as possible if diagnosed with dementia. And that’s mostly what happens. Two thirds of people with dementia live in the community, often...
Annie Pollock

Why it is so important for older people and people with dementia to get outdoors

19/09/2016 Blogs
Many older people over 65 may already have health conditions such as poor eyesight, loss of hearing, loss of mobility, painful arthritis, diabetes and so on. In addition to these conditions of older...
Graham Stokes

Living a better life with dementia: the role of care homes now and in the future

14/09/2016 Blogs
The numbers of people living with dementia is set to increase dramatically in the coming years, soon to pass one million in the United Kingdom. At present over a third live in care homes, around 300,...
Doug Agnew

Fire safety – five top tips

12/09/2016 Blogs
In the time it takes you to enjoy your tea or coffee, Doug Agnew from Abbot Fire Group discusses five top tips to help keep you, your staff, and residents safe from the risk of fire in your care or...
Jo Geraghty

Building a happy and positive workplace culture

06/09/2016 Blogs
There are few professions in which the relationship between staff and ‘customers’ is quite as intimate as that found within the care sector. There are also few professions in which, depending on the...
Damian Utton

Mixed–Use Care and Housing

02/09/2016 Blogs
The design and construction of the built environment is just one aspect of a person-centred care approach. The built environment includes the interior and exterior of buildings, the space between...