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12 Apr 2022


Leecare is a leading UK and international aged care sector software system supporting all CQC outcomes for resident and operational management.

Designed ‘by aged care expert staff for aged care organisations’, the program will assist you to predict, record and evidence your operational outcomes, manage your clinical risk and spend more time with residents, all whilst exceeding CQC requirements.

Unlike other aged care software vendors, Leecare’s Platinum 5 (P5) system gives you everything you need to start with, but then enables you to change or customise the program, including all content of your linked Apps, to suit your organisational needs. Providing you with as much or as little flexibility as you require.

The platform incorporates a resident/client-centric care system comprising over 150 aged care expert assessments and monitoring charts which have been designed with the latest evidence-based tools and the sector they serve in mind. We also provide over 100 meaningful, quality and system analysis ready reports. All the content and data links throughout the program regardless of which area staff or management work in, ensuring one source of truth for all. You can allocate each form or report to just those staff who need to see them – as we know forms, functions and reports for residential care are different than those required for domiciliary or supported living.

Our specialised form and reports builder enables easily tailoring of the program forms and reports to meet your specific organisational needs. Your team can build or re-modify assessments, care plans and reports as well as change settings so that the solution works seamlessly with your specific needs. The Apps are also under your control – if you want a function or form to be available from the App, there it is with a simple click and save.

As the system can be used from any type of device, combined with our P5Mobile App your staff will be able to access the program from anywhere you decide, enabling for example, assessment data to be entered at the bedside or maintenance reports to be downloaded in the workshop.

Staff only need to document information once as P5 maps the data throughout the program eliminating duplication and ensuring only one source of truth. If you update an assessment, goal of care or activity record there is no need to also add a progress note or update the care plan. The system will do that for you! What makes us the experts?

Our extensive sector knowledge and experience is as a result of working closely with hundreds of clients globally. Our more than 25 years in business has positioned Leecare to be the software solution of choice for the aged and social care sectors across five continents.

Our senior management team have years’ of collective experience working in, consulting to and managing care organisations. This has led us to develop the Platinum 5 Suite – an unparalleled clinical, care, lifestyle, medication, operations and financial management software solution specifically created for the health and social care sector. Today, our 900+ clients include Government, small independent services and multi-facility corporate organizations across Australia, New-Zealand, Singapore, UK and China.

Proud as we are of our award-winning software, we believe the ability to deliver exceptional care calls for the human touch as much as technology. Like you, we want life for residents and service users to be the very best of experiences and Leecare’s P5 suite will be fundamental in ensuring this happens. Together, we can achieve this goal.


  • Residential Care Homes
  • Nursing Homes
  • Supported Living
  • Domiciliary Care
  • Learning Disability


  • Clinical, Care, Lifestyle management
  • Alerts and KPI / Quality dashboards
  • Fully customisable documentation and care planning
  • BI Tool connectivity and prepared ‘views’
  • Incident Management
  • Wound and Infection Control Management
  • Quality & Continuous Improvement
  • Operations’ and Facility Management
  • Credentials & Education
  • Document Control
  • Tailored reporting
  • Medication Management
  • Finance Management
  • Forms, content and reports’ builders




Annick Guirate
Tel: 07735 294 745

Petrina Turner-Benny
Tel: 07732 775 385

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