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30 May 2023

Press Release: DDC Dolphin Forecasts Greater Demand For Its Flushable Wipes

Press Release: DDC Dolphin Forecasts Greater Demand For Its Flushable Wipes

World-class infection prevention and control specialist DDC Dolphin forecasts higher demand for its environmentally friendly wipes that can be macerated and flushed without blocking drains.

It follows a government announcement that wet wipes containing plastic would be banned. The proposed ban would start next year following a consultation.

Various companies sell supposedly flushable wipes but the reality is that most of these products fail to break up – blocking sewers and polluting waterways with microplastics.

Flushed wet wipes account for 93% of sewer blockages – costing the industry around £100 million a year to clear up, according to Water UK, which represents the water industry.

Government plans to ban the polluting wipes date back to 2018 as part of a wider strategy to eliminate plastic waste.

In 2021, 90% of wipes contained plastic – and a government consultation that year suggested that 96% of people supported a ban on wet wipes.

But to press ahead with a ban, the government must first run another consultation.

In the meantime, there is already a solution at hand. Three years ago, DDC Dolphin launched the UK’s first 100% natural hygiene wipes that could be flushed, macerated or composted – without harming the planet.

The eco-friendly wipes were originally designed for use in hospitals, care homes and domiciliary care work but suit a wide range of workplace and domestic applications.

They can be disposed of in bedpan washer disinfectors, medical pulp macerators, slop hoppers or toilets – without blocking machines or drains.

The wet and dry wipes contain no plastic: they are manufactured from 100% non-woven cellulosic material. So they can be flushed away because they disintegrate afterwards, breaking down naturally into 100% organic, non-toxic substances.

The wipes are fully tested and compliant, passing all seven flushability tests set by the:

  • European Disposables and Nonwovens Association (EDANA)
  • International Nonwovens and Disposables Association (INDA).

DDC Dolphin Marketing and HR Director Zoe Allen said: “Since their launch, these environmentally friendly wipes have proved increasingly popular. Hospitals in particular are under growing pressure to meet carbon-reduction targets.

“There is also the critical issue of infection prevention and control. Wipes containing plastic can jam sluice room machines and block drains – putting patients and care home residents at risk and adding to equipment maintenance bills,” she added.

DDC Dolphin is a global leader in the provision of infection prevention and control solutions. It exports machines and consumables to hospitals and care homes all over the world.

The company manufactures and supplies medical pulp macerators, incontinence product macerators, bedpan washer disinfectors, UV air purifiers, stainless steel furniture, and sluice room consumables.

For more information, contact DDC Dolphin, 01202 731555,,  


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