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Intelligent human care - In Partnership with Driven by Health with Care

11 Oct 2023
Technology Theatre

This year we celebrate 75 Years of the NHS and the evolution in public health and social care.

As our population grows we also need smarter provider information about care management and the types of technology that can be beneficial for high quality services. 

Most importantly we have to take accountability and responsibility for the design of technologies and data management by ensuring they consider the people who shape and use them.

Lorcán Murray, Marketing Executive - CarePlanner
Victoria Buyer, Managing Director, Buyer Consulting Ltd and Chair, Age UK Lancashire - Buyer Consulting/AGE UK
Chris Pearson, Head of Care Partnerships - MED E-CARE HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS
Christoph Marr, Managing Director - Marr Procurement
Rachael Stojevic, Business Development Manager - Kare Inn
Phil Brown, CPO - Kare Inn

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