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Learning from sectors: Fuelling performance through budget-friendly approaches to learning and leadership development, no- blame culture and utilising technology to help with the workforce

11 Oct 2023
Care Keynote

Hear from some of the biggest companies in aviation, hospitality and technology, exploring transferable best practices that can be applied to the care sector.

Discover cost-effective methods and resources to provide continues professional development opportunities for your care staff and team. 

Understand why adopting a no-blame culture, similar to the aviation industry can benefit the care sector to promote open communication, learning from mistakes and creating an environment where employees can freely discuss the challenges they are facing. 

How to optimise technology tools that are available within common communication platforms already being used, to alleviate some of the pressures on the workforce

Kerry Isherwood, Senior Manager - Leadership - Virgin Atlantic
James Tyer, Viva Engage Customer Experience - Microsoft UK Ltd
Matthew West, Commercial Pilot/Captain - Trainetics

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