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You’re Outstanding! Retention, Recruitment and Maximising Social Media

12 Oct 2023
Learning Lounge
The Importance of Planning a Retention Framework before Recruitment: Discuss the critical role of developing a retention framework within the context of the UK's care sector. Using a framework as a strategic approach to understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of existing care sector employees. Outline some key reasons from our data for professionals changing role and how this can be addressed through retention strategies. Outline retention strategies that will align with employee motivations and satisfaction. Reviewing Policies to Be People-Focused and Family-Friendly: Share current experiences of policies that prioritize the well-being and family needs of employees. Discuss how these policies are essential for enhancing job satisfaction and retention rates, whilst also making the sector more attractive to current and potential workers. Consider competing sectors offering and how to compete. The Power of Local PR and Community Engagement in UK Social Care Careers: Share practical examples of effective local PR and community engagement within the sector and discuss the role of dedicated client relationship manager to lead on these activities. Key Incentives for Staff Beyond Pay in the UK Care Sector: Discuss the relationship between values and employee satisfaction. Outline current thinking and initiatives to incentivise those working within social care career including progression, recognition, flexible working arrangements, and the cultivation of a positive workplace culture. Look to provide practical examples and ideas to implement. Communication with the Workforce in the UK Care Sector: Identify the benefits of effective communication as follows building engagement, trust, and a sense of belonging among employees. Outline various communication methods and channels that can be utilised. Addressing Low Retention Rates in the UK Social Care Sector: Acknowledging the challenge of low retention rates (around 30%) in the UK's social care sector, exploring potential solutions.
Samantha Crawley, Director & CEO - Bracebridge Care Group | The Outstanding Society
James Rycroft, Director - Director of The Outstanding Society CIC
Karen Hedger, Director - BRIGHT SELECTION LTD

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