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Question time - Paper to pixels: Exploring digital records vs paper - In partnership with The Caring View

11 Oct 2023
Care Managers Theatre

Join us for a thought-provoking event, "Paper to Pixels," where we delve into the digital transformation of records. Explore the benefits, challenges, and impact of transitioning from paper to digital. Engage in discussions and gain insights into the evolving landscape and what you can do if digital isn’t the solution for you.

Adam Purnell, Director of Social Care - IHSCM
Sonia Rai, Founder and Director - Nectar HR
Sophie Chester-Glyn, Director - Coproduce Care CIC
Paula Cashmore, Quality Care Management Support - .
Nicola Holmes, Director - Every Step Care Consultancy
Caroline Green, Post-Doctoral Fellow - King's College London, NIHR ARC Health & Social Care Workforce Research Unit
Mark Topps, Co-Founder and Director - The Caring View

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