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Question time - Intimacy and aging: Empowering and embracing love in care homes - In partnership with The Caring View

11 Oct 2023
Care Managers Theatre

Join us for a sensitive exploration that delves into the physical, emotional, and societal aspects of maintaining fulfilling relationships as we age. Engage in discussions, gain insights, and foster a greater understanding of the importance of intimacy in the later stages of life.

Adam Purnell, Director of Social Care - IHSCM
Sonia Rai, Founder and Director - Nectar HR
Sophie Chester-Glyn, Director - Coproduce Care CIC
Paula Cashmore, Quality Care Management Support - .
Nicola Holmes, Director - Every Step Care Consultancy
Caroline Green, Post-Doctoral Fellow - King's College London, NIHR ARC Health & Social Care Workforce Research Unit
Mark Topps, Co-Founder and Director - The Caring View

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