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Retail Therapy, is there anything that care home providers can learn from one of the nation’s most trusted retailers?”

11 Oct 2023
Business Theatre

For 21 years, Gillian has been at the heart of M&S, watching it transform into one of the nation's most trusted retailers. From this unique vantage point, she has gleaned insights that can help transform the health and social care sector, especially amid the pressing challenges of recruitment, retention, and service delivery.

At M&S, the mantra 'Operate Well, Trade Well' prioritises efficiency behind the scenes, ensuring customers experience unparalleled service. Could health and social care providers similarly enhance people’s experiences by optimising what happens 'backstage'?

Drawing from M&S's robust 'My World' platform, we'll explore how structured onboarding, continuous upskilling, and well-being support can be pivotal for retaining care teams. By delving into M&S's commitment to being ‘Closer to Customers’, we'll discover how in-depth consumer insights can inform person-centred care.

Furthermore, we'll uncover how M&S's strategies for colleague engagement and innovative recruitment can address the sector's workforce challenges, and how leveraging digital solutions and sustainable practices can position health and social care providers for the future.

Join Gillian, as we journey from the aisles of retail to the corridors of healthcare, unlocking transformative strategies along the way.

Gillian Short, Co-Founder - Toucan Consultant

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