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The future of healthcare is community care

11 Oct 2023
Care Keynote
The future of healthcare is community care

Join Max Parmentier, Birdie CEO and co-founder, on how our extraordinary health and social care community are coming together to save the system and shape the future of healthcare.The cavalry is not coming. While policy makers have attempted to reform our healthcare system, it’s still increasingly disjointed, too reactive and NHS-focused. We need to find solutions from within and we, in social care, are now better positioned than ever before to create transformative and necessary change.  The future of healthcare is community care - and there are four key areas care providers are bolstering to transform health . Join this electrifying Care Show kick off talk to understand the new emerging model of healthcare, how to get there and the ways it’s going to impact your social care business - and the lives of those you care for - for the better.

Max Parmentier, CEO and Co-Founder - Birdie

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