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Quality statements – the new inspection framework

11 Oct 2023
Business Theatre
Quality statements – the new inspection framework

What is staying the same? The five key questions and the four point ratings scale (can provide greater detail – Safe, caring, effective, well-led and inadequate, requires improvement, good and outstanding)

What is changing? The types of evidence gathered by Care Quality Commission will be in 6 categories (can provide explanation of the types of evidence – peoples experience, feedback from staff and leaders, feedback from partners, observation, processes and outcomes)

How does the new inspection framework look and how does this differ from the Key lines of enquiry? The framework has moved away from using the Key lines of enquiry as before, and is now using quality statements in place of this. The quality statements will be used to score the evidence (The scoring framework to support the decisions is:

1 = Evidence shows significant shortfalls
2 = Evidence shows some shortfalls
3 = Evidence shows a good standard
4 = Evidence shows an exceptional standard

In order to achieve a rating, the scores are percentage overall.

25 to 38% = inadequate, 39 to 62% = requires improvement, 63 to 87% = good, over 87% = outstanding

Care quality commission will also provide some examples of types of evidence to make it easier to understand what they will look at closer to the time hence there will be no characteristic descriptions and no comparison to Key lines of enquiry)

What can you do to prepare for the single assessment framework? Enhance Audits and Evidence Gathering, Improve Quality of Care Records, Celebrate Success with Anonymised Case Studies, Ensure Care Plans Have Specific Outcomes, Act on Feedback to Drive Improvements, Address Cultural Considerations, Analyse Data for Compliance and Improvement. (can go into greater depth if necessary)

Vikki Beckwith, Director of Care Services - Complete Care Advisory

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