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75 Years of the NHS; The gift of data - our modern legacy

12 Oct 2023
Technology Theatre
75 Years of the NHS; The gift of data - our modern legacy

In our technological age, we automatically assume a data footprint as part of our lives.  As digital adoption becomes increasingly mainstream in the health and social care sector,  digital software providers are in the privileged position of capturing data connected to an individual’s life story through the care that is documented. Innovations in technology provide ongoing flexibility for data to be given back and presented to care teams in a meaningful way, offering insights and providing opportunities for improved outcomes for residents.

As a sector, it’s known that we are operating in a state of crisis, which means for providers navigating digital provision for their service is an additional pressure they face. In this talk, Rachelle will explore what the ‘art of the possible’ for care data means as a digital service at KareInn, and how if properly utilised from an R&D perspective it could be the gift that keeps on giving.

KareInn provides NHS assured digital care planning for the Health and Social Care system.  For more 

Rachelle Mills, Partnerships and Innovation Director - KareInn

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