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12 Oct 2023
Technology Theatre

The post-pandemic environment is challenging for service providers. Budgets are tight, recruitment and retention are difficult, and training is expensive. Maintaining a clear focus on quality has never been more important, and evidencing service quality will be increasingly important for regulators and commissioners. Failing to plan can leave people feeling bored, frustrated, overly instructed, and lonely. Staff may find their work repetitive and unrewarding.  We know the outcomes we want – community involvement, independence and empowerment, active participation in daily activities, good communication, and good general health and wellbeing. Active Support targets these outcomes through staff training, but it can be difficult to establish and keep going when turnover is high. Our app helps staff tailor the support they provide around the personal routines and preferences of individuals in supported living – to maximise participation and self-determination. Other features of the app include skills teaching and behavioural assessment, as well as a variety of related admin functions. Staff and supervisors can view graphs, charts, and multi-media records showing individual progress and achievements.  PBAS app (Positive Behavioural and Active Support) is a fundamentally person-centred approach, targeting enablement, independence, empowerment, development, and inclusion. This is not a care management product. It will work as a standalone product or complementing existing systems. Either way, this app will increase organisational efficiency, and save precious time and money. We will demonstrate the app and its many features

Elizabeth Muravi, Chief Operating Officer - Abbey School
Sandy TooGood, Clinical and Behavioural Support - Abbey School

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