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The three ‘C’s that managers fear most (compliance, change and conflict)

11 Oct 2023
Business Theatre

With her extensive experience in coaching and training care home managers, C-suite executives, nurses, and senior carers in the health and social care sector, Rita Chowdhry possesses a profound understanding of the unique challenges faced by professionals in this field. Her expertise extends to various roles within the sector, allowing her to provide tailored guidance and support to individuals in different positions. Through her coaching and training programs, Rita has played a pivotal role in helping numerous managers and providers enhance their CQC ratings, and in some cases, achieve their first outstanding rating. Her invaluable contributions have made a significant impact on the overall improvement of the sector, benefiting both professionals and the individuals they care for. Rita is eager to unveil her invaluable contribution in fostering the growth of exceptional leaders and teams, showcasing her remarkable ability to cultivate high performance.

Rita Chowdhry, CEO - Savran Ltd

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