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09 Jun 2020

Top Tips for Care Homes in Managing the Pandemic

Top Tips for Care Homes in Managing the Pandemic
Changes that need your attention - care homes

1.    Although the restrictions will be eased for the general population in the coming weeks, the risks to the care homes remain the same or high.

2.    The precautions that you were taking so far should continue as the community transmission remains the same. 

3.   Restricting people with dementia or mental health difficulties – Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) rules remains the same. It is acceptable to restrict someone without the capacity to provide essential treatment to save their life if it is in the same way as you do for a person with capacity. 

4.    Isolating someone with suspected or confirmed COVID - please add a new care plan to include - DoLS implications, activity plans, infection control precautions, monitoring for falls and symptoms, enabling remote communication with others. 

5.    Infection control - Although if you have missed some routine audits during these busy months, please do not lose focus on doing a detailed infection control audit each month or as frequently as required. We presume CQC would be pleased to see this on their next inspection. 

6.    Containing the first case - COVID is going to continue for several months. Having cases will become a norm for us from now on. You are the winner if you managed to contain the first case each time. Do not compromise on your safety precautions. 

7.    New free app Care Inventory Manager is launched to support the care business to track and manage inventory. It helps to track usage, predict out of stock timeline, track expenses and many more features.

Thanks for all the fantastic work in keeping people safe.

 Best wishes from carehomeshopping team. 

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