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22 Aug 2023

Leadership advice from care leaders to support you in becoming your best self

Leadership advice from care leaders to support you in becoming your best self
Ali Al-Mufti, Founder of Arcadia Care Homes and twice selected for the Leaders in Care Power List, shares his top tips for becoming a good leader
  • Be Authentic

We instinctively respond well to people we find to be authentic. We may not always agree with them, and their personalities may even clash with ours, but we will respect them.

Why? Because being authentic isn’t easy. It means staying true to what you believe is right, even if it takes you down the road less travelled. A majestic quality that earns the trust and respect of your teams with your display of integrity, even if it creates difficulty.

We gravitate as people to those we feel in our bones to be genuine. And equally we repel those who feel wear a mask. As a leader it can be easy to fall in the trap of trying to fit the mould of what we think a leader should walk, talk and dress like. But when we step back and take a macro view of some of history’s greatest leaders, there can be no doubt that what we saw is what we got.


  • Be Decisive

“More is lost by indecision than wrong decision.” Cicero’s words have stood the test of time for over 2000 years.

Being decisive is a common trait in all great leaders – from the great military commanders to a small care provider. Their ability to trust their instincts that are sharpened through experience is the ultimate demonstration of confidence to their team.

A decisive leader signals to their team that they take full accountability for their decisions. They’re able to act in a timely manner to keep their company moving forward without the same fears that plague so many others – the fear of being wrong, of feeling humiliated, etc – the fear of a bruised ego.

Your team can’t put trust in a leader who struggles to take action. Being decisive is a non-negotiable skill that every great leader has to acquire.


  • Be Cool

In times of crisis is when leaders earn their pay cheque. During the most difficult moments you have a responsibility to be the coolest person in the room. Your team will look to you for guidance, support and direction, and you must respond with zen-like calmness and laser sharp focus.

But maintaining composure is not a skill that should be utilised only in a moment of crisis. A consistent temperament from leaders promotes a positive culture in your workforce, as your team take their cues from you.

We’ve all had that boss who’s mood swings wildly one moment to the next. They’re liable to “fly off the handle” at any given moment, and we’ve all experienced the impact that has on everyone else.


  • Don’t be that boss. Be a leader.

Being a great leader isn’t supposed to be easy. You’re supposed to put others before yourself, including their mental wellbeing. So be cool and stay cool. And if you can’t pull off being cool, stay calm, even if you don’t feel calm. That discipline will pay dividends.


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