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‘Do you see me?’ Learning Disability Week with Mencap

‘Do you see me?’ Learning Disability Week with Mencap
Learning Disability Week, a week-long campaign beginning 17 June and championed by Mencap, provides a platform for the advocacy of seeing, hearing, and valuing people with learning disabilities.

This year’s theme “Do you see me?” focused on challenging the barriers faced everyday by people with learning disabilities and how our society can help to tackle these.  

Further to this, each day of the weeklong campaign had a more specifically dedicated focus with organisations tailoring their awareness events to each:  

  • Monday 17 June: "Do you see me?" 

  • Tuesday 18 June: "Do you understand me?" 

  • Wednesday 19 June: "Will you work with me?" 

  • Thursday 20 June: "Do you hear me?" 

  • Friday 21 June: "Do you include me?" 

  • Saturday 22 June: "Will you support me?" 

  • Sunday 23 June: A summary of the week 

Across the week, people were encouraged to use social media to spread awareness of the week-long campaign and advocate for the involvement of their communities. The messaging invited people to start a conversation and talk about the incredible things that people with learning disabilities are doing and how these positively impact their communities. Inspiring stories were shared, and fundraising efforts celebrated.  

Further to this, participants were encouraged to donate to Mencap as part of the campaign, allowing them to continue the incredible work that goes on and continue to raise awareness of the importance of advocating for people with learning disabilities.  

If you didn’t get the chance to celebrate Learning Disability Week this time around, don’t let this stop you getting involved year-round with advocacy and fundraising campaigns. For more ideas on how to continue to raise awareness and get involved, visit the Mencap website: 

In their 2024 manifesto, Mencap highlighted the issues surrounding funding in the social care sector and how this impacts the quality of care that local authorities can provide for people with learning disabilities. It also brought attention to the recruitment and retention crisis currently faced by the sector and how increased funding through wage increases would help to stabilise the workforce.  

Covering several key issues faced by people with learning disabilities in today’s society, the manifesto provides up-to-date statistics and information on the current landscape and outlines the asks of the government moving forward.  

Check it out here: 

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