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25 Oct 2022

The Care Workers’ Charity £500 Challenge

The Care Workers’ Charity £500 Challenge

Social care is experiencing a workforce crisis, and it is important now more than ever that organisations in the sector come together to recognise the immense value and tireless contributions of care workers across the UK in helping services to stay open. The Care Show is contributing to this worthwhile cause to ensure that there is a helping hand for care workers in these difficult times.

By signing up as a Founding Member, we hope to encourage other organisations to sign up themselves. The Care Workers’ Charity is experiencing high demand for their services - since 2020 they have made over 6000 grants to care workers in crisis. If one in ten organisations providing and organising care in the UK accepted the £500 Challenge, they could raise £2.5 million per year to support care workers.

Karolina Gerlich, CEO of The Care Workers’ Charity said: 
“We are extremely grateful to The Care Show who have signed up as a Founding Member of our £500 Challenge. Every organisation who signs up and spreads the word is making it more likely that our charity can support care workers across the UK, providing the right support when it is needed most. We hope to sign up hundreds of businesses, ensuring that we have the funds we need to continue providing essential grants and mental health support in the years to come.”

Michael Corbett, Group Event Director of The Care Show said:
“We are delighted to partner with Care Workers’ Charity. Their services are needed more now than ever and we all have to be seen supporting care workers during these tough times. We encourage all suppliers and providers who serve social care to join the campaign and improve the lives of those who work so hard in delivering outstanding care”.

We urge organisations working in adult social care to accept this challenge and show that they really care about supporting the people who make up our essential workforce. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that care workers are supported to stay in their jobs and have a place to go in times of crisis. 
Please donate what you can by following this link to The Care Workers’ Charity website:  


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