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14 Sep 2022

Full sick pay for social care workers now!

Full sick pay for social care workers now!

Our social care workers have gone above and beyond during the crisis.

They’ve responded day in day out to the threat Covid-19 has posed to older and vulnerable people - with commitment, passion and care.

We have seen first-hand how they have cared for our families - fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers and other loved ones during this crisis.

Covid-19 has drawn the nation’s attention to the vulnerability of our residential care system in the face of widespread infection and illness.

The prospect of living with the reality of Covid-19 for years to come, and the risk of further spikes in the virus, causes great anxiety for anyone connected to our country’s residential care system – and many of us are.

Care homes that fail to offer sick pay are more likely to have higher levels of Covid-19 infection among residents, according to official Government statistics.

Statistics show that the full sick pay for social care workers is one of the most effective infection control measures - ensuring those that move in and out of a care setting only do so when they are well enough to return to work.

But every year common illnesses such as flu cause unnecessary loss of life in Britain’s care homes.

No worker in social care should face the punishment of statutory sick pay of just £95.85 per week for doing the right thing. 



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